MOV’s Got Talent: George Carter

WTAP News @ 5 - MOV's Got Talent: George Carter
Published: Feb. 18, 2021 at 5:37 PM EST
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George Carter is a senior at Belpre High School who takes part of many extracurricular art activities.

His favorite activity? Pottery.

He took up the craft in his sophomore because he wanted to learn the basics and eventually excel in the art. His first few projects, he says, did not go as he had hoped.

“I made a vase-like thing, it ended up looking like a fish,” George said. “But, it was a great introduction into pottery, and understanding how clay works and how you have to attach pieces and whatnot.”

He says his favorite type of pottery is “wheel-throwing.”

George says it’s difficult to get the thickness of the clay correct when you try to mold it with your hands, so he has since done very well with the wheel.

“Hand-building I’ve tried and I have failed,” he said. “I am not good at hand-building, so I normally stick to just throwing stuff on the wheel and I have gotten proficient at it.”

George goes into each work of art with a visual in mind of what he wants it to turn out. He says that the feeling is gratifying when it does eventually come out looking perfect.

“I am a very visual person,” George said. “When I see my pots turn out correctly, and they look great, it fills me with pride.”

George took up pottery because his classmates convinced him, and now he continues to impress his peers and his teachers with his work.

He says the feeling of receiving positive feedback is what drives him to continue to be better.

“Not only is it a critique, but it’s a positive critique,” he said. “It shows that I am doing my job as a potter. Anyone can create a piece, but for it to be visually pleasing, and symmetrical and whatnot, it takes some skill.”

George has enlisted in the United States Marine Corp, and will try to continue pottery in the service whenever he can.

Afterwards, George plans to become a professional potter and hopefully, one day, open up his own pottery shop.

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