Mid-Ohio valleys got talent: Athena Root

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Updated: May. 6, 2021 at 6:22 PM EDT
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) -Many young members of the MOV are inspired and motivated to cultivate positive change in our world...This includes Parkersburg south senior Athena Root.

Global warming, islamophobia, police brutality, how women are depicted in media...These are just some of the social justice issues Athena Root has reflected on this year as she worked on her senior ap art portfolio.

“My family has kind of made me really aware of these issues,” Root said. “I grew up with a physical disability so because I was kind of picked on as a kid for something I couldn’t control it really made me more aware of broader concepts in society. So aw I was growing up I definitely aligned more with some of the injustices in the world if that makes sense. And, I wanted to stand up to things that were unjust.”

Rroots way of standing up to what she believes is unjust is by creating art...Award-winning art that is. Her piece “In the Pines” won first place in last year’s wood whispers magazine and this piece, “Mother Nature”, won first place for 12th grade at this year’s Wood County schools art show.

Root says she’s spent many years working on her craft to get to this award-winning level-she credits much of her success to her family, especially her uncle who taught her how to develop her skills and style. Root says now she is able to inspire others to create art of their own.

“A couple of my friends recently came to me and told me they want to be at a better level of drawing and that kind of stuff and they said they look up to me and it’s really like...It boosted my ego,” Root laughed.

" I get really nervous whenever they say that because I don’t really feel like I’m better than them in any way and I don’t feel like I’m a role model with my art yet. So. It’s really surreal to have people say they look up to me.”

While she plans on continuing visual art after high school in some way, root says she has her mindset on swapping the painting smock for a lab coat.

“I’m definitely going to be getting a bachelor’s in neuroscience here in 4 years, that’s for sure what I want to do. I thought about majoring in studio arts that way I can stay really connected to painting and I don’t lose that over time.”

Whether root works in a studio or a hospital, Root is sure to excel wherever she goes.

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