Rock and landslide prevention projects to take place in Washington County

The projects are meant to prevent bigger, more expensive issues down the line.
The projects are meant to prevent bigger, more expensive issues down the line.(Laura Bowen)
Updated: Jun. 11, 2021 at 9:31 PM EDT
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MARIETTA, Ohio. (WTAP) - The Ohio Department of Transportation is using $35,000,000 in stimulus money towards projects aimed at preventing rock and landslides. Two of those projects will be in Washington County.

Of the nearly 40 project locations across Ohio, about $2,100,000 will be invested in State Route 7 and about half a million into State Route 550.

All this is according to ODOT Press Secretary Matt Bruning. He said State Route 7 has proven to be prone to rockfalls and a slip has already developed at State Route 550.

The 550 slip has already impacted one lane but ODOT has been able to pave there.

The projects are meant to be proactive, preventing bigger and more costly issues down the line.

Bruning said, “When they slip and become big issues, not only are they expensive, they’re a huge impact to the public. Many times they result in roads that are closed.”

Bruning warned to be careful driving by work crews as Ohio has had “way too many” work-zone crashes this year.

State Route 7 project will sell early this fall and State Route 550 is scheduled to sell in July, according to Bruning. Work will start after the projects are awarded and the contractor can mobilize.

Bruning estimates the projects will be done in less than a year.

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