Fort Frye band pushes through member and instrument shortage

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Published: Sep. 9, 2021 at 4:41 PM EDT
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BEVERLY, Ohio (WTAP) - The Fort Frye Marching Cadets are facing an instrument shortage this year and are hoping to grow their 29-member band into a larger ensemble, all while getting this season’s work done. that’s why they’re this week’s band of the week.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fort Frye marching band used to share instruments, but are no longer able to do so. Leading to a shortage.

“A lot of the classes and the younger kids that can’t buy their own instruments, we don’t have enough school instruments for everybody,” says percussionist, Levi McConnell.

But that’s not stopping them from putting on a show.

“The people we do get in band do love band,” says color guard, Kiersten Warden. “So, even though we are a small band, we are a strong band. And we’re getting stronger by the day.”

The Fort Frye community is helping them get stronger too. Another teacher has shed some helpful light on the instrument shortage, leading to 15 instrument donations.

“The community around here is very nice compared to a lot of other places,” says McConnell. “A lot of other places might not get near as many donations as we get.”

From saxophones, to flutes and trumpets. The band is continuing to get the pieces they need.

“I think that every kid who wants to be in band should absolutely deserves to be. So, one of the fourth-grade teachers actually reached out on Facebook and got a lot of attention,” says band director, Lauren Hill. “And we’ve had quite a few instruments donated.”

And now, the band is hoping to grow.

Hill says, “It’s just doing what we can to make it happen for the kids.”

The Fort Frye marching band’s theme this year is “A Night of Jazz.”

You can catch the Fort Frye band playing this Friday as they travel up to Zanesville High School, as the Cadets face off against the Blue Devils.

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