Law enforcement uncovers suspected burglary ring

Published: Oct. 19, 2021 at 8:23 PM EDT
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MARIETTA, Ohio. (WTAP) - The Washington County Sheriff’s Office has uncovered what they believe to be a burglary ring responsible for multiple stolen items in the area.

WTAP spoke to Deputy Sheriff Matthew Martin, an officer who was on the case.

It all started when Sergeant McConnell noticed a vehicle driving the wrong way down a one way last Wednesday. He then turned on his lights and the truck fled, ending in a crash.

Martin said, “There were four occupants in the vehicle, three of which fled into the woods. One female did, however, remain at the scene.”

The four have since been identified as Taylor Puckett, Elizabeth Scheid, Mason Nelson, and Jeremy O’Brien.

Martin said, “While we were processing the truck, as far as the crash scene goes, Sergeant McConnell and I observed two catalytic converters that appeared to be freshly cut.”

On top of that....they found a saw.

Then, a few hours later, Martin was dispatched to the site of a burglary.

He remembered, “The victim began listing items that he had noticed were missing from the vehicles in the garage and the house. At this point, I began to put together some of the items I remembered seeing in the back of the truck.”

Law enforcement then obtained a search warrant and took the victims to look at the impounded truck.

Martin said, “It was pretty impressive how much stuff had actually been packed into the vehicle. The victims themselves were even...there were things missing that they didn’t even know were missing at that point.”

Among the stolen items found was a car stereo and amp the perpetrator had already installed into the truck.

Martin said, “There were still items missing from the scene. It appeared that they had plenty of time to possibly make multiple trips since they had time to install a car stereo.”

Law enforcement then obtained a search warrant for the residence of Jeremy O’Brien and Elizabeth Scheid. The search was executed Monday afternoon.

Martin said, “We found several more items believed to be stolen, along with drug paraphernalia, and items - excuse me - firearms that they were not permitted to have at that point.”

Law enforcement suspect that the suspects are tied to multiple other burglaries in the area.

Elizabeth Scheid and Jeremy O’Brien were arrested and face multiple charges. Warrants for the arrest of Mason Nelson and Taylor Puckett have been requested. Another man was arrested at O’Brien and Scheid’s residence as well, however he has not been charged with burglary, only the possession of a controlled substance. He was released from jail on a PR bond.

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