The Wood County Technical Center offers free tuition for the Adult Practical Nursing Program

West Virginia Residents can receive free tuition
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Published: Jul. 12, 2022 at 5:52 PM EDT
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The Wood County Technical Center is offering free tuition to people living in West Virginia for its adult practical nursing program.

The tuition covers the full 12-month program.

Students take classes and clinicals to help them become a Licensed Practical Nurse.

The Wood County Technical Center is looking for new ways to get students enrolled in its adult nursing program.

School officials say they’ve always offered financial aid, but this is the first-year they’ll be using this funding to cover tuition costs at the beginning of the process.

Students from West Virginia will get their tuition paid for, but will still need to apply for FAFSA to help cover any other fees.

Beth Carter, the Practical Nursing Coordinator, says that the reactions have been good from those applying for the program.

“The applicants are excited once they heard we were able to offer the free tuition. So we’ve had a lot of interest in the program and when they’ve contacted us it’s been one of the major reasons why they’re contacting us is because of the free tuition. Because otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to apply and come to the program.”

Jason Hughes, the Director for Wood County Technical Center and Caperton Center, says it’s great to be able to offer this opportunity to local residents.

“I think it’s wonderful. I think there’s a lot of people out there that maybe are struggling right now, and just with the way the economy’s been and this is a wonderful opportunity for people to come better themselves, put themselves in a better position financially. Now it is work. They’re going to put a lot of work in this year. Just making that opportunity available, I think is very special.”

The nursing program has three instructors and up to 30 students in each class.

There are no required prerequisite for admissions, which school officials say sets the Technical Center program apart from others in the area.

Carter went on to explain how this funding opportunity can impact students.

“With the adult learner, this free tuition just helps them be able to commit to the 12 months and study and go on to take their NCLEX and become a licensed practical nurses.”

Hughes also expressed his thoughts on why this type of program is important for the area.

“Going through any program like this or any type of engaging career focused program, I think it can build a lot of confidence and competence in an individual. Let them find maybe their passion and their purpose in life and then be able to keep building on that and moving forward.”

He continued explaining that the funding is made possible through the senate bill one.

The free tuition applies only to West Virginia Residents … but there are other financial aid opportunities available to out of state students.

If students are interested in learning more about the program and possible financial aid you call the Technical Center at 304-420-9501.

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