Julia-Ann Square Historic District Keeps Tradition Alive

Homeowners take pride in their neighborhood
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Published: Jul. 15, 2022 at 6:34 PM EDT
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The Julia-Ann Square Historic District is the largest and oldest historic district in WV.

The Julia-Ann Square Historic District in Parkersburg is the largest and oldest historic in West Virginia

About 126 homes in Victorian-style architecture make up this national historic district.

For some homeowners, living in this community is a dream come true.

Olivia Tucker explained what her and her husband thought when looking for a home.

“When we were talking about finding a place to go this was like, “Let’s check there. Let’s see what we can find. And this kind of, just a dream of ours to live in a historic district and we love our neighborhood, we love Parkersburg so.”

While Eric Tucker may have had his reservations at first, both Olivia knew they found their dream home.

“I’ve renovated two houses previously and I walk in and I’m just speechless because the house needed so much work and she’s like, “I’m home!”

Olivia added that she was so excited. “I was like, “this is wonderful!” and his face didn’t say that.

Bill also knew immediately.

" I came into this home and it was, this is the one. This is the one I want. I looked at several different houses and I felt at home here.”

The homes are not the only thing these residents love about living in the district.

“People still sit like I am on the front porch or back porch, so we have neighbors that we actually know and can talk to,” said Bill.

Olivia also mentioned the connection to her neighbors.

“...And being able to raise our daughter with neighbors who are kind and friendly and excited about our hometown that’s huge for us.”

Homeowners participate in different events throughout the year.

Their biggest event, The annual Christmas Tour, was put on hold for two years due to COVID.

This year, the district will be celebrating Christmas tour’s 20th anniversary.

Judith explained what people can expect.

“We decorate every square inch of five historic homes and every homeowner has a different take on Christmas. So if you’re not into Victorian,  you might still find decorations that make your soul happy.”

After moving into their historic home just two years ago, The Tucker family will be one the five houses open for tours to the public. Eric explained why it is important for them to get involved.

“So we’ve just kind of dived into the deep end. Like, we’re here, we love it here. We love our neighbors, we love our house and we want to share this neighborhood with as many people as we can.”

The homeowners in the Julia-Ann Historic District take pride in their homes, their community, and their history.

“There is a pride of ownership here and I enjoy that,” said Bill.

Eric explained what the district means to him and the community.

“This is the heart of Parkersburg. I can’t imagine Parkersburg without this neighborhood.”

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