Wood County School holds training for teachers

Teaching and Learning Academy is a summer professional learning opportunity for teachers
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Published: Jul. 19, 2022 at 6:47 PM EDT
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A chance to get back in the classroom for some Wood County educators has them getting ready for the new school year.

Teachers from Wood County participated in the free four-day professional learning opportunity. The academy is able to be provided free of charge through the county’s annual funds from Title 2 Federal funding. The funding is specific to professional learning for educators.

Pre-k through 12th grade teachers were able to choose from 55 sessions covering different subjects and skills including English Language, Math, and increasing student engagement.

The sessions are mainly taught by Wood County teachers and administrators.

Ashlee Beatty, who is Director of Curriculum and Instruction, says this a great opportunity.

“The goal of the week is to help our teachers hone their skills, develop or learn and then ultimately positively impact their instruction. We know good instruction can also improve our student achievements in the schools.”

Candace Lewis WCS Curriculum Coordinator for Math and Science said this week not only helps teachers, but also students.

“In order to help their academic growth, we also need to grow as teachers by learning new strategies that can help students who might be struggling.”

Beatty said she hopes the teachers can learn something new to take back to their classrooms,

“It’s our hope we can have really highly effective teachers and instructional strategies in the room that help our students develop as readers, writers, mathematicians, and even more.”

According to Beatty, they look at student-data throughout the year to see what is needed for the sessions.

“As the school years change and we see need based on student data, we develop sessions. As we go through the year we’ll evaluate where our need is and hopefully build a bigger and better teaching and learning academy.”

Beatty says she is excited to be back in person after three years.

“We’re incredibly thankful for all of the work the teachers have put in and their enthusiasm for attending.”

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