Former Ohio Valley University students having trouble getting transcripts from school

WTAP News @ 11 - Former Ohio Valley University students having trouble getting transcripts from school
Published: Jul. 25, 2022 at 8:24 PM EDT
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - “I came back home to Florida. I was kind of trying to figure out where I was going to go and rushing the process. Because I ended up going to a new school,” says former Ohio Valley University student, Chloe Spencer. “But I got lucky because they were asking for the official transcripts and I was like, ‘Listen, I can’t get them.’”

Chloe Spencer is trying to move forward with her education after OVU went bankrupt and closed in December 2021.

She says OVU gave her an unofficial transcript after she requested an official one eight times. Her current school in Pennsylvania had to step in to help her.

“So, I kept calling and calling and texting her. And I said, ‘Listen, I need my transcript. I need to get into another school. Like I can’t just sit here.’ And it took I want to say about two weeks before I had actually gotten approved for the school before I had left to even go to the school,” says Spencer. “I got an unofficial transcript, and they ended up taking that one.”

“The school reached out to them as well,” says Chloe’s mother, Anne. “Her new school reached out to OVU, and they made no contact back. They didn’t answer nor respond.”

“They asked me for her number and then they asked me for the direct line to the school,” says Spencer. “So, I had given it to them because they were trying to help me as much as they could to just get the transcript. In order for me to get accepted.”

Kate Davis graduated in 2019. She says even before the school closed; it was tough to get an official transcript.

She requested one ten times.

“I sent probably 30 emails. I got a hold of my own professor, my own dean. And they said that because of the brokers they couldn’t get in. I called the state, they said they couldn’t do anything because it’s a private school. Not public,” says OVU class of 2019 graduate, Kate Davis.

She was finally able to get one after her father helped her.

“My dad actually went and physically knocked on the door,” says Davis. “And they gave him one transcript.”

Former college president, Michael Ross told news source, “Christian Chronicle” before OVU closed that the problem with students getting transcripts is the server is “somewhat out of date.” the school also suffered another hit when a storm knocked out the server five months before OVU closed.

“My understanding is that currently that all of the transcripts are on one server in the basement of OVU. And that they’re having trouble processing them because of a lack of electricity,” says OVU class of 2005 graduate and former adjunct professor, Daniel Casto. “That’s very frightening for somebody, not just the recent college graduates, but anybody who’s graduated from the institution.”

The college issued a statement on Sunday saying a group of anonymous volunteers are going to process the transcript requests.

We reached out to former college president Michael Ross and former provost Wes Crum.

We did not hear back from either of them.

A few faculty and staff have volunteered behind the scenes to continue processing transcripts for alumni and students. This group would like to maintain their anonymity. This group has relentlessly volunteered and worked through several barriers without the direction of executive leadership. However, we remain in contact with West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission and The Higher Learning Commission about any delays and barriers. The court-appointed receivership, ABTV, has also been extremely kind to our students and the alumni community in supporting the transcript process.

The most current issue relates to limited power on campus and access to our database, Power Campus. We are working with IT to restore Power Campus and to continue processing transcripts. We hope we can begin processing transcripts soon, as we know the inability hurts our students and alumni in transferring to other institutions, getting into graduate school, and getting promotions.

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