Ohio Lt. Gov. Husted sits down with leaders and high school students to discuss internships

Building Bridges to Careers hosts roundtable
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Published: Aug. 2, 2022 at 9:30 PM EDT
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Marietta, Ohio (WTAP) -

Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted sat down with Marietta Community leaders and high school students to discuss STEM and Healthcare internships in the area.

The roundtable discussion at the Building Bridges to Careers center in Marietta focused on internship opportunities and the help they can provide students in their future career decisions.

Building Bridges to Community, or BB2C, hosted the roundtable discussion with Lt. Gov. Husted Tuesday night.

The discussion was focused on the impact high school internships can have on students, businesses, and community.

Allison Ricket, who works with BB2C in partnership with her role at Ohio University, said that it’s important to look at how internships impact the community as a whole.

“We’re getting students to learn about careers right in their own backyards so that if they want to, they can stay in our region.”

Ohio’s Lt. Gov. John Husted says that part of his role is to oversee workforce transformation; this means they’re focused on producing the talent needed to meet employers’ demands.

“We want to make sure that we’re graduating more high school students that are career ready, ready to go right out of high school. But also making sure there are affordable pathways to college.”

Allison pointed out the money students can save in college by already knowing their path.

“They’re not flailing around trying to figure out their major and wasting, you know, a year of college. They’re saving $12,000 dollars because they already know what they want to major in.”

Husted wants to get businesses involved and let students have hands-on experiences earlier in their academic career, He said, “…Manufacturers or healthcare institutions are having high school students come in and learn the business, help and add value, but also giving them an education, and a connection to a career opportunity that benefits both the students and the employers.”

Husted and Allison say internships create value to everyone because it gives students a clearer pathway for their future.

Allison said experiential learning is a game changer.

“We’re helping them to touch it, see it, feel it, experience it, and that helps them to create a plan that they can then commit to where they are giving back to our region for the rest of their lives,” explained Allison.

To promote internships Husted says they are incentivizing schools and businesses. He said they are giving schools bonuses of up to 25 hundred dollars for graduating students with in-demand career skills. They also are giving reimbursements to businesses for job training through programs like tech-cred. He says this allows everyone in Ohio to have access to free job training.

“That will upscale them. Give them more job security. Better pay. And give the employers of the state this talent that they need to be successful.”

Husted said that looking to the future, they want to leave nobody behind.

“We want every high school student graduating career ready or college ready. We want the employers of the state ot have the pipeline to build that talent.”

Husted says to talk to your high schools about college credit plus and if you’re in the workforce already he says to look into the tech-cred program.

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