Warren Local Schools preparing for students coming back to school

WTAP News @ 5 - Warren Local Schools preparing for students coming back to school
Published: Aug. 17, 2022 at 7:13 PM EDT
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VINCENT, Ohio (WTAP) - “I think, truthfully, just the whole starting of the school year you can never beat that smell in the air of early Fall and walking around and seeing all the teachers back and everybody’s happy and excited to be here,” says Warren Local Schools superintendent, Kyle Newton.

The new school year for Warren Local Schools is around the corner and officials are excited for the changes and new feel to the district.

“Well, here at Warren, we’re excited that this is the first year we don’t have major construction going on,” says Newton. “That we are entering the school year without COVID and all the restrictions that came from the last couple of years. And, truthfully, we’re just excited to start.”

Warren Local School officials say that they are getting ready to get students back in classes.

Especially those who were negatively affected while learning during the pandemic.

“This year, we’re working on making sure that our students are caught up from some of that learning loss that they experienced a few years ago,” says Warren Local Schools curriculum director, Lori Ludwig. “So, we’re coming in with quality interventions to make sure our kids are prepared for the next grade.”

School officials say this can be done by getting students back in the classroom without any hiccups.

“We’re so excited to be face-to-face, back full time,” says Ludwig. “Our teachers have research-based effective interventions in place to make sure that what our kids get works. And that they’re getting caught up.”

Officials and educators will not only be able to get in the class together with students, but they will also get to see many in the warren community and get to see more in-person activities come back to the district.

“COVID really slowed that down for us. And that was all about the time that our elementary building opened,” says Warren Elementary School principal, Ashley Skinner. “So, we had made a conscious effort each month with our academic boosters and just our staff to make sure that we’re making those planned schedules and have them on the calendar. We have a really fun October planned with the trunk or treat and a Fall carnival. We have some father-daughter dances coming up. Just really want to engage our community and have them back into the building.”

The first day for Warren Middle and High School will be August 18, the elementary school begins classes on August 22.

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