First-year Marietta College students get laptops from anonymous donor

WTAP News @ 11 - First-year Marietta College students get laptops from anonymous donor
Published: Aug. 25, 2022 at 7:39 PM EDT
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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - Marietta College students are back in the classroom.

Some students, like Rachel Bologa, got to experience their first day of college.

“It’s crazy. I mean for the past week we did a little home week and got to know our fellow freshmen. And it’s been a really fun time,” says Bologa. “Today, for me, I got to take it easy I had one class. Today is also my birthday. So, I guess it’s not only the beginning of a college year but also the beginning of adulthood for me. It’s very new and it feels great to be here.”

To help with the new experience, Bologa and other first-year students were given laptops.

“For my experience, my parents couldn’t afford one or they said, ‘Let’s just wait a few years.’ And with this, it’s like, oh now you are given the opportunity to not only do your homework and everything, but you can still connect with friends through e-mail, Skype and everything. Because I saw that and it’s really nice that even though I wasn’t given the opportunity before that, I now have that opportunity and have the chance to do more with this obviously,” says Bologa.

The laptops were donated by an anonymous alum.

School officials say that this will go a long way to help students on the tech side of learning.

“This donor gift ensures that everyone that comes to Marietta College is at least going to have the technology,” says Marietta College career center interim director, Andrew Smith. “And then we can just worry about working on the skills. So that when they graduate, they’re ready to join the workforce.”

School officials say with the way the new job market is, it will give students an advantage to be prepared for future jobs.

“Because it is up to date, there’s going to be IT staff trained to deal with any issues that come up because they’re all the same device,” says Smith. “And it really does provide a lot of mobility and freedom that you can do the work wherever you’re comfortable.”

Students can use the laptops for personal use and to also connect with peers.

“When I texted my parents about it, I said, ‘I got the laptop!’ And they also gave me their Netflix accounts and all that stuff,” says Bologa. “So, I can have some leisure time in between. But, yes, with all my stuff I can access my websites much faster and it’s really nice because they also have wi-fi here. So, it’s a very good deal and a very great opportunity to have here.”