Ohio Valley University transcript copies saved by local I.T. specialist, waiting to distribute

WTAP News @ 6
Published: Sep. 21, 2022 at 5:52 PM EDT
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - “Well, you’re looking at people that spent four years of their life – God only knows how much money – to get a degree,” says Telco Holdings I.T. specialist, Michael Johnson. “And now their job that they worked so hard to get and they’re being blocked by not being able to get the transcripts. They can’t go into the military, and what they’ve strived to do, they cannot achieve it.”

Johnson says he is an I.T. Specialist with Telco Holdings.

Back in July of 2021, Johnson says his company was contacted to help Ohio Valley University with its server issues after what OVU officials call a “storm surge.”

Johnson was provided with backup hard drives recovered from a company in California, and says he rebuilt the transcript server for the college.

Johnson says more issues with the server would come up after the school’s bankruptcy and eventual shut down.

“Some time in May, I was contacted. The transcript server had shut down. I went over and restarted it for them. Then later on, here in July of this year, Ms. Hoover had reached out to me that they couldn’t reach the transcript server again. And I went over and took a look at it and saw that the database was damaged or deleted. Something, I didn’t take a lot of time to look at it,” says Johnson. “And then I remembered the server that I had built everything on my development platform. I still had an actual running copy and it’s untouched as of the day that was restored.”

Now Johnson says he’s in contact with the receivership and the windup trust to get the transcripts to the right institution.

“Now I’m waiting to know who I need to get this to so the students can start getting transcripts,” says Johnson.

The OVU bankruptcy trust says that the transcripts are still awaiting a decision from a judge’s motion with the bankruptcy hearings going on.

And students who request their transcripts will need to pay what they still owe to the school.

“The accounts have to be paid off before those transcripts are released. It’s my understanding of how it’s being done. I’ve heard it’s how other schools in other states have done it,” says Ohio Valley University Chapter 7 trustee, Thomas R. Fluharty.

Along with the digital backups, the trust confirms that there are paper transcripts still on the OVU campus.

“I have spoken with Mike Kain, who met with Mike Ross – the former president,” says Fluharty. “And he said, ‘We have hands-on, eyes-on viewing of the transcripts, the paper transcripts last week.”

Johnson says that he is ready for whenever the decision comes.

He says he will even deliver the transcript backups himself to the school that will take on the responsibility of these documents.

“And as I talked with Mike Kain of the receivership, what we discussed was getting a laptop. I would rebuild everything on a laptop and then that would be given to an institution,” says Johnson. “And then once that institution can prove that they can provide the transcripts and everything is working fine, I will remove the copy that I have on my system and that way everybody is sure that they’re secure and have what they need.”

Officials with the windup trust say that a motion will happen later this week for the transcripts.

Former Ohio Valley University academic affairs vice president, Dr. Wes Crum confirms that there are paper transcripts on the campus.

However, it is a mixed bag, as Dr. Crum says some paper transcripts for recent graduates and students may not be available.