Another healing monument to break ground at Marietta’s Gold Star Park

Silent Battle Memorial Monument pays tribute to those suffering from P.T.S.D. and suicide ideation
WTAP News @ 11
Published: Sep. 26, 2022 at 6:52 PM EDT
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Marietta’s Gold Star Park is set to break ground on a new monument paying tribute to service members fighting the silent battle of PTSD.

The monument will be one of ten placed around the country.

The Silent Battle Committee is a grassroots initiative made up of 16 community and veteran members.

The Committee is set to break ground on a life-size monument paying tribute to people with PTSD and suicide ideation on October 9th.

Committee member Jared Smith says the monument will be one of only ten being created and placed around the country. He said this Marietta’s monument will be the third to be placed, and the first to be placed outdoors.

Jared further explained that after the ten have been created, the mold will be busted so no more can ever be made.

The monument paying to tribute to those suffering from PTSD will be one of ten placed around...
The monument paying to tribute to those suffering from PTSD will be one of ten placed around the country.(Jared Smith)

Community Committee Member Anthony Durm and Veteran committee member Bernie Lyons say this monument is another way to serve the community …

“It brings that much more importance to Gold Star Park and Marietta in particular, not only the history that we have here, but the relationships with our veterans and military,” explained Durm.

“It gives them an additional place to come and sit and think and hopefully get a little peace and comfort from the monument,” said Lyons.

The original Silent Battle monument travels with a group known as the Eyes of Freedom.

Smith say the original silent battle monument when the original Silent Battle monument when the group brought it to Marietta in 2021.

Smith says he has a personal connection to the meaning behind the monument, as he and many of his battle buddies suffer with PTSD or PTS.

“They’re fighting that darkness within, that silent battle within which is why it’s named silent battle. And we’re doing our best day to day. And a lot of veterans don’t realize that they’re brother or sister may be in pain or may be fighting that battle. It’s still kind of a taboo topic. So the more that we talk about it, the more we have the opportunity to heal, or let others know that we are doing with this together, you’re not alone. We see you. You’re not invisible. We’re here to help. Together we can do more.”

When we asked how Smith felt knowing they’d be breaking ground on a project that obviously means so much to him… smith expressed his gratitude.

“So, we’re extremely excited and grateful to have Silent Battle come here to be a part, for me myself it’s healing and therapeutic for what we’ve already done…… we’re working with and celebrating or veterans while they’re still here with us rather than celebrating their legacy that they’re leaving behind due to a completed suicide.”

Smith says The committee received 49 thousand dollars from the American Rescue Plan Act money from the city of Marietta.

He said that they are still looking to raise $10,000 more. If you’d like to donate you can talk directly with Smith, or reach out through their Facebook Page.

The ground breaking ceremony will be at the Gold Star Park in Marietta on October 9th at 2:00 P.M.

Silent Battle Ground Breaking to happen on Oct 9th at the Marietta Gold Star Park
Silent Battle Ground Breaking to happen on Oct 9th at the Marietta Gold Star Park(Jared Smith)