Williamstown H.S. community getting ready for return to state title game

WTAP News @ 11 - Williamstown H.S. community getting ready for return to state title game
Published: Nov. 30, 2022 at 7:30 PM EST
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WILLIAMSTOWN, W.Va. (WTAP) - “We were here last year. And I mean, it’s cool to be there, but it really doesn’t matter unless you come away with the win,” says Williamstown high school senior tight end/outside linebacker, Logan White.

The Williamstown Yellow Jackets are back in the class-A state football championship game.

Last season the team lost to the Ritchie County Rebels 42-21.

Since then, they’ve used that loss to motivate themselves all season.

“That was really tough, the feeling of walking off that field,” says senior running back/linebacker, Rickie Allen. “But the next day, we all got together and we said, ‘Well, all we can do is work harder.’ I mean we can’t think too much about the past too much. We’ve just got to change the future.”

After a 9-1 regular season and getting through the playoffs, the Yellow Jackets are back in the title game.

“I think it really shows how hard everybody’s worked to get back to another opportunity for the game,” says Allen.

And even after two years dealing with playing with COVID-19 regulations, the Yellow Jackets still dealt with some hurdles.

The team was not able to play a single game at home this season because of a bleacher issue.

But the fans continued to support the team no matter where they played.

“I think it’s extremely important. Especially since they haven’t had a home game this year like they’ve never played on their home field,” says Williamstown H.S. student, Riah Sprouse. “Coming and supporting them and letting them know that the town is behind them is really important for them.”

“We’re still a team, we’re still one family. So, coming to support really shows that the whole town is involved and wants to be there,” says Williamstown H.S. student, Lindsey Keller.

Williamstown players say that the biggest reason they came up short last year was because of inexperience.

Only a handful of players last year had varsity experience – let alone playoff experience.

And now, both White and Allen say that playing in last year’s title game is what gets them closer to winning it all this year.

“I think it will help a little bit knowing that we’ve been there, we have that experience. And I think that the moment won’t be too big for us,” says White.

The Yellow Jackets are not just looking to redeem themselves from last season and win their first state title since 2014.

But they’re also looking to add the fourth state championship to the school’s 2022 fall sports season.

“So, our cross-country teams both won – so, there’s two. And then volleyball. And then, fingers crossed, we’re hoping that the football guys can bring home a state championship as well,” says Williamstown H.S. athletic director and Asst. principal, Jill Bryant.

Both White and Allen say that the game plan to win it all this year will be to execute and continue to play their game.

If you would like tickets to the game, you can click this link here for more information.