MOV Lyft Ride Costs

Published: Feb. 23, 2017 at 1:29 PM EST
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The smartphone-based ride-sharing service Lyft is now available to pick up passengers in the Mid-Ohio Valley. We'll show you what you can expect to pay for rides to several popular destinations across the Valley.

Lyft's "standard" ride can carry up to 3 passengers, while a Lyft "Plus" ride can carry up to 6 people, but will cost more than the standard ride.

We used's Fare Estimator to calculate estimated total fare costs from WTAP's studios in downtown Parkersburg, to many popular places across the Mid-Ohio Valley:

Blennerhassett Hotel, Parkersburg

Standard: $6, Plus: $8

WVU Parkersburg

Standard: $14, Plus: $23

Cracker Barrel, Mineral Wells

Standard: $17, Plus: $28

Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport, Williamstown

Standard: $24, Plus: $41

Grand Central Mall, Vienna

Standard: $26, Plus: $44

Marietta Memorial Hospital

Standard: $26, Plus: $44

Marietta College Bookstore

Standard: $28 Plus: $47

Odyssey 7 Theaters, Marietta

Standard: $30, Plus: $50

Ohio University, Athens, Ohio:

Standard: $63, Plus: $109

City of Clarksburg, W.Va.


You can estimate your own Lyft fare to and from any destination in the Mid-Ohio Valley at this link: