Marietta couple opens dream business

Published: Jan. 5, 2020 at 8:23 PM EST
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One Mid-Ohio Valley couple is realizing a dream, the dream of opening their own business.

Rachel and Scott Burnham are the proud new owners of Rockstar Wellness, a new group fitness center in Marietta.

“So, about five years ago, I had a desk job. I grew up a dancer, so I’d always loved movement growing up and I was really dissatisfied with my desk job and my husband, then fiancé, told me to go out and do something that made me happy,” said Rachel Burnham.

And that’s exactly what she did. Over the last five years, Rachel worked in 9 different gyms, teaching dance and getting certified to teach multiple group exercise courses.

“I ended up with a dream of owning a group exercise studio,” said Rachel Burnham.

Now Burnham is hoping to combine what made each of her previous facilities special, into Rockstar Wellness.

“Our goal with Rockstar Wellness is just to give people a place to come, support one another, as they move through their wellness journey, whichever step they are in along the way and just to help the community get healthier overall,” said Burnham.

Rachel Burnham is from Lowell, Ohio originally, but the Marietta community holds a special place in both Rachel and Scott’s hearts.

“Scott and I met in Marietta College,” said Rachel Burnham. “It was really exciting to be able to come back, not only to be close to my family, but to be close to the community that’s grown so close to both of our hearts.”

While Rachel has an affinity for group exercise, Scott Burnham takes a different approach to working out. He prefers marathon running. But, he’ll be helping around Rockstar too.

“I’ll be helping here at the gym on a daily basis, working in reception, teaching a few classes, some spin classes. Kind of working in the operation side of the business and then also just the business management side. But, I’ll also retain my current full time job as a petroleum engineer,” said Scott Burnham.

The fitness center is over 8,000 square feet, and recently got a fresh paint job by the Burnhams.

“So we have two rooms that are approximately 2,000 square feet and then our spin studio, which is just under one thousand square feet and a childcare area which is about 750 square feet,” said Scott Burnham.

To use up all that space, the Burnhams have already hired 16 instructors to teach a multitude of classes.

“So we have a variety of different classes here, pounds, Veriflow, spin, yoga, palates, kickboxing and so many more. Group exercise really has the opportunity to bring people together to help them reach their goals. I think group exercise is so much more than just the work out," said Rachel Burnham.

Rockstar Wellness opened its doors for the first time on Saturday and the Burnhams say it went well.

“We’ve been really blessed to find this space, which used to be the River City Antique Emporium, and really capitalize on it and make it into a new jewel for the community,” said Scott Burnham.

“I haven’t had time for it to sink in yet, exactly. But, it feels amazing. I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life and I’m so excited to come into work everyday,” said Rachel Burnham.